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Barb Perry

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Grace Memorial Church
Sloppy Joes

The Cutaways are a group of fifty- and sixty-something gentlemen who like to treat our audiences to a good time. We play a wide variety of music spanning a longer time period than even the drummer has been living.

There is no typical show for The Cutaways. We draw from our extensive catalog and cobble together the perfect set list to adequately meet the needs of our listeners. We’ll throw together a highly danceable and energetic set list for one crowd, while another venue might be more interested in an “unplugged” evening of acoustic music.

We serve both crowds, and everything in between….Except jazz. We don’t play jazz. We’re not really much of a blues band either, although there was that one time we played for the Mabel Tainter Theater Blues Fest. Other than that, we’re not really a blues band.

But if it is country or classic rock or folky-bluegrassy music that you are looking for…The Cutaways have you covered.

Learn more about the band at thecutaways.us

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