Have you seen the Grumpy Old Men movies?

For the past 30 years, this has been the go-to line for introducing new friends to the Wabasha community.

The impact the films have had on our community is amazing! Not only are we able to celebrate Grumpy Old Men Festival each February with a weekend of fun family events, we also have the unique opportunity as a family destination. The Grumpy Old Men franchise has left a permanent imprint on our small river town, and now it’s time to ignite that excitement once again!


Join the Grumpy Old Men Legacy Today!

It’s time to inspire a new generation with the production of Grumpy Old Men the Musical. Through your contributions, the community can re-live the moments that put our Rivertown on the map in a laugh-out-loud theatrical retelling of the classic film!

RJAC is excited to bring the musical to Wabasha, but it is truly by the generosity of the community that we can make this musical a success. Your donation, in any amount will help us add a new chapter to the Grumpy Old Men legacy.

Download and Share The Musical Information