Cinderella 1950s Rock and Roll
Cinderella - Prairie Fire Children's Theatre

Prairie Fire Children’s Theater Presents Cinderella

Cinderella: A rock and roll version set in the 1950’s.

Capacity: 78

Directors roles:  Poppa & Winona the Stepmother/Fairy Godmother (dual role)

Cast includes:

  • Cinderella
  • Her Stepsisters
  • Her Cat Dinah
  • The Mice
  • The Pumpkins
  • The Cats
  • The Chicks
  • King Cash & his Assistants
  • Mikey the Rockstar & his Band

The Prairie Fire Children’s Theatre & Workshop for Cinderella is August 13 & 19. Show Dates Fri/Sat Aug 18/19 at 7:30 pm. Workshop starts Aug 13th.