Our Mission

To promote a program of education and activities in the fine arts for both children and adults in the Wabasha-Kellogg, Minnesota area, which includes the junctions of the Chippewa, Zumbro, Buffalo and Mississippi Rivers. RJAC strives to bring to the attention of the community all arts-related activities in the area.

Board of Directors

Jenn Rohrer

Jenny Palmen
Vice President

Jess Graner

Stacey Silke-Stackhouse
Assistant Treasurer

Joyce Fiedler

Leanna Nielsen
Website & Email Marketing

Jesse Moravec
Music Coordinator

Rob Trussell
Social Media Events

Paul Cushman

Brad Burmeister
Support Board Member, Sound

Ruth Tiffault
Support Board Member

Support Board Member

If you are interested in becoming a RJAC Board Member please fill out the Contact Us Form and let us know!

Cris Medina
Theatre Coordinator
Prairie Fire Children’s Theatre

Scott Lien
‘Super Senior’ Coordinator

RJAC is looking for one new board members to join us

Lots of planning underway now for this and next year

Love music and the arts? The River Junctions Arts Council is looking for one new board members for 2023 / 2024. Click on ‘Become A Member’ and let us know why you want to be on the RJAC Board!